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Failure is not an option

Jimmie C. Gardner’s shocking and empowering life story of not only surviving but thriving through an ordeal that would have broken most people. His experiences allow him to bring an incredibly rare and moving perspective to topics ranging from criminal justice to business leadership. To survive 27 years of a 110-year sentence, knowing you are innocent, and somehow still maintaining your dignity is no small feat. 

During his time inside, Jimmie stayed positive, took college classes, and did what he could to improve the quality of life for himself and the men around him. Jimmie’s Emotional Intelligence Training and Motivational Keynote Speaking are one of a kind because they effortlessly tie in unconscious biases, stereotypes, and the consequences of our emotional reactions, while also empowering listeners to be their best selves.

“There is nothing we cannot do once we have the right tools and correct mindset. It’s not about knowing everything or being right. It’s about choosing to stay humble enough to learn.”
– Jimmie C. Gardner


Since his release, Jimmie C. Gardner has become an advocate for other wrongfully imprisoned and over-incarcerated men and women. He is an advocate for criminal justice reform and inmate rights. As a motivational speaker, he has shared his message of positive thinking and resilience with students in secondary school and college, sports teams, churches, and community organizations.

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Emotional Intelligence Training

Learn to effectively identify unconscious bias and develop emotional intelligence within your organization. Training includes research-based teachings mixed with impactful personal examples.

Keynote Speaking

Blow your audience away with a motivational experience they will never forget. Jimmie shares his powerful story while also sharing guiding principles and delivering teachable moments.

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